martes, 13 de octubre de 2009

"Berenice" de Edgar Allan Poe - Completo -

Historia para la revista Cthulhu #5, publicada por Diávolo ediciones. Es la adaptación de un cuento de Edgar Allan Poe titulado "Berenice".

Story for Cthulhu magazine #5, published by Diávolo editions. It is the adaptation of a story by Edgar Allan Poe titled "Berenice".

A continuación la versión en inglés que se publicó en "Cthulhu" #2 magazine de la editorial KettleDrummer Books.

Then the English version that was published in "Cthulhu" #2 magazine of the publisher KettleDrummer Books.

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MDIAZ dijo...

Me encantan estas páginas José.
Y el montón de libros de la biblioteca te la has currado a base de bien.

José Avilés dijo...

Hola Manuel,

Jejeje Gracias. Uno, que también tiene sus manías. Y eso del detalle es una de ellas.


Henry R. Kujawa dijo...

STUNNING work!!!!!

For the last 2-1/2 years, I've been working on a massive Edgar Allan Poe blog project, attempting to assemble in one place every Poe comics adaptation I can find. I currently have stories from 1944-1979 up, and am adding more all the time, with an increasing number of them being translated into English for the first time.

If I ever get that far, I'd love to add yours to the project. Right now, I'm adding a LINK to your page.

Including yours, I've now so far found 16 different versions of "BERENICE". 4 of them are already up, and just last week I finally got ahold of the earliest I've found so far, Flavio Colin's from Brazil in 1962, which is currently in progress. ENJOY!

José Avilés dijo...

Hi Henry! Thank you very much for your words. I´m glad you like it. :)
These pages were translated into English for the issue #2 of "Cthulhu" magazine #2 published by Kettle Drummer Books. I have just added those pages to the post :)